Senior Physiotherapist - Potential Partner

Company Dee St Timaru Physiotherapy
Location New Zealand / South Canterbury / Timaru
Role Potential Partner
Area Physiotherapy, Healthcare & Medical Physiotherapy, OT & Rehabilitation
Listed Wednesday, 23rd April 2014

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We are looking for a Senior Physiotherapist - Potential Partner

  • Dee St Timaru Physiotherapy an independant musculoskeletal physiotherapy clinic and welll respected hand therapy treatment provider is looking for a high quality SENIOR Physiotherapist to join the Physio Team, with the potential to be offered a partnership.

Dee St Timaru Physiotherapy an independent musculoskeletal physiotherapy clinic and well respected hand therapy treatment provider.

The Dee St Philosophy is to spend quality time with patients, treating them, helping them to set expectations for their recovery, and educating and empowering them to independence - not co-dependence.

All Dee St team members constantly strive to maintain the highest possible standards, both technically and in the way they value, challenge and discuss with each individual patient the recovery plan that will best work for them. There is also a strong expectation that all staff will keep up to date with technical improvements by constantly updating their training.

The clinic is clean and modern with excellent facilities including a well-equipped gym. There is a wide cross section of patients and a variety of treatments offered. Vocational rehabilitation services are also performed at suitable off site locations.

Minimum technical requirements include:

  • Current NZ Annual Practicing Certificate
  • Valid NZ Work Visa

Being a family friendly clinic this extends to our team members and conditions will be negotiated with therapists that fit our team culture.

Apply for this position:

Please contact Sara Lister via the detials below to discuss the possibility of joining our special team,
or APPLY NOW through our online application form: Download our application form here: MsWord doc | Adobe pdf

Sara Lister

03 684 5413
Dee St Timaru Physiotherapy

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